The eldest of the group, once an assistant to Sietch Kaiku's Reverend Mother, he is now a spice guide for Sietch.


Agility: d8 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d6 Strenght: d4 Vigor: d6

Pace: 6 Parry: 7 Toughness: 5+1 Charisma: 0


Climbing: d6 Fighting: d10 Stealth: d6 Survival: d6 Tracking: d4 Notice: d6

Hindrances- Vow (Minor): Preserve the tribe’s water at all costs. Quirk (Minor): Often hears things that aren’t there. Bad Luck (Major): One less benny per session.

Edges- Danger Sense: +2 Notice vs. Surprise Attacks, etc Florentine: +1 vs. foes with single weapon

Armor- Still Suit +1

Weapons- Chrysknife 1d6+1d4(str) Maula Pistol 7/16/22 2d6


Surtur is the cousin of Liet Kynes and was raised never knowing his cousin until he was much older. He has only met Liet Kynes once but regards that experience with religious fervor. As a child his biological father was killed in a duel with another man, who as a prize, took Surtur’s mother and Surtur as his own family.

This new father was a good man and taught Surtur many things about being a Freman. When he was barely a man, his mother encouraged him to become the Reverend Mother’s assistant, which mostly entailed grunt work but was a great honor.

The Reverend Mother accepted Surtur and was somewhat of a mentor when it came to the lore of the desert and the ways of the world. She spoke often of the coming of the Lisan Al’giab. When the Reverend Mother passed on and a new one came into being, he took his life in a different direction and became a scout and a spice guide.

Unlike most Freman of his age (38), he does not have a wife or child. Many wonder at this strange occurrence but he simply shrugs it off stating the desert is his wife, spice is his child and if Shaihulud ordains it, perhaps he shall yet meet his wife.


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